Check out our 3G Pitch

16 Jan 2018

Check out our 3G Pitch

Get on the pitch in Shrewsbury – the 3G surface at London Road Sports Centre

Where can you go in Shrewsbury to play football and rugby no matter what the weather… without losing any of the quality of play or safety? Hmm, let me think!

With grass pitches, safe, enjoyable play is just not always possible. Shropshire has had some rain this Winter and Spring, that’s for sure, and even the best quality grass pitches can get water-logged and muddy… rendering them hard to play on and sometimes dangerous.

But here at London Road Sports Centre we’ve got the answer….


What is a 3G pitch?

We are one of only a handful of sports centres in the West Midlands to offer a 3G playing surface to members of the public. 3G pitches are a relatively new development in synthetic surface technology and have changed the way people play sports such as football, rugby and hockey.

Similar to real grass turf, the 3G pile is made up of thousands of artificial ‘blades’. The blades lie on top of a thin layer of sand and rubber crumb. Because of this, our 3G pitch in Shrewsbury is a safe and reliable alternative. Whatever the season and whatever the weather, you can get out and play at the London Road Sports Centre.

Improved technique

Although, for some, nothing beats playing on a green grass pitch on a summer’s afternoon, our 3G pitch provides a crucial role in supporting the many players who come to London Road to practice all year round.

Our state-of-the-art 3G pitch is far more hard-wearing than real grass. Because of the constant use our pitches go through, natural grass can quickly wear away but with a 3G pitch this is never an issue.

As well as being realistic and durable, our 3G pitch provides greater bounce. So it is different in playability terms, meaning those practicing on it are benefited by improved technique. This is especially important to our younger players as they develop their skill for the games they love.


Anyone can hire the pitch

The 3G playing surface is becoming more and more crucial to sports associations across the world and ours has already been used by Shrewsbury Town FC for training. However, hiring the pitch is not restricted to professional or amateur clubs and teams! Anyone from Shrewsbury and beyond just looking for a practice with their friends is more than welcome to take advantage of our competitively priced, fantastic resource.

To check out our prices please visit our 3G pitch web page here 

If you’re interested in visiting any of our pitches here in Shrewsbury, either 3G or grass, please call on 01743 342591.